Asterisk 1.4 - Will 'Make Install' over write previous

Hi there

New to Asterisk… so be kind :wink:

We have Asterisk v1.4xx running fine, however, I need to add the “res_snmp” module.
So I have been following this site: … pport-1131

I have installed the pre-needed NET-SNMP and related Packages
I have run "./configure"
I have run “make menuselect” and ensured that the module is available and selected
I have run “make”

I have not run "make install"
I want to first make sure and ask if this re-install is going to overwrite the currently running system and re-write all our config files??

Will I be starting from scratch?
Or did the “make menuselect” and “make” just recompile the existing version… but with the added modules?

Any help would be appreciated… since I do not want to take the next step blindly



make samples overwrites the configuration; make install should be safe.