Asterisk 1.4.11 for Mac as an Xcode project

I have created an Xcode project and used it to compile a universal binary of Asterisk for the Mac, similar to what has done.

It’s running fine on my Intel Mac Mini, but hasn’t been completely tested.

I’d like to make the Xcode project publicly available so that others can use and improve on it.

Is there any good place to post the entire project?

  • Brad


I’d be interested in playing with it! In fact, I think this is something that we could even get merged into the tree for others to use.

If you’re interested in letting others try it, and potentially getting it into the main Asterisk source tree, post it


Interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing any improvements that might come from this. BTW, I realize that this is off topic, but since this is probably the only place that I might be able to get an answer to this, here it goes. Any idea why any version beyond 1.4.11 won’t run without a segmentation fault? I can build both 1.4.12 and .13, but both error out after a few minutes of launch (on PowerPC).

That shouldn’t happen, of course.

First, get the latest 1.4 code using svn.

Run “make menuselect”, go to “Compiler Flags”, and enable “DONT_OPTIMIZE”. Then, hit ‘x’ to save and quit. Re-run “make” and “make install”.

When you start asterisk, do it with the -g option.

Then, when it core dumps, get a backtrace.

$ gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk /path/to/core.12345 (gdb) bt (gdb) bt full

Then, post the backtrace to