AsterickNow no IP address after logging in with Root user

After installing asterisknow via the instructions on this page … steriskNOW
I boot up and it asks me to login the guide states
12. After you login, you should see the IP address of your PBX as defined below.
That does not happen upon logging in it only says
[root@localhost ~]#

Can anyone help me obtain the IP so I can config this I cant find an answer anywhere

ifconfig will tell you the address if you have one, but it seems likely that either you don’t have a valid network connection, or you are using DHCP but don’t have a valid DHCP server.

I’m going to check into the network settings could a firewall also be causing an issue? I can plug another computer into the same Ethernet port and browse the web so I know the internet functions but I’m not sure about the DHCP settings.