Asterfax produces empty tiff

I?m running Asterisk and AsterFax latest with spandsp 0.0.2pre26 on SUSE 10.1. All was error free when compiling and starting. Sending a mail to AsterFax ( preview@asterfax… ) I see it working, but when at least merging the files before moving it to the fax-directory, the content of the tiff gets lost. I assumed to found an error in libtiff. But using a different version does not change anything. When looking at the files in /spool/asterfax/tmp I can readout all files clearly. Can it be that my first trial ( unfortunately fails ) of AsterFax with using spandsp 0.0.3pre22 leaves some bad fragments in the system?
Any hint?
I also have the messages of the console stored and analised, but 4 steps from the end of procedure during merging the files the error occurs.

I hope anyone can help me…
( because of sleppless nights and spandsp-nightmares ) :unamused:

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