Dialstatus issue with call files

I have created a .call file
Channel: SIP/gsm0/9xxx

I want to get the dial status in extensions.conf, I am not getting it if the use it also.
Also Archeive is giving the .call file in ougoing_done folder but with NO status.

Can someone let me know on how to get this done. Also some search says usong Local will help, but can someone clearly brief me on the use of Local and getting the Dial status.

Use Local Channel instead of SIP/gsm0/9xxx

I used local in .call file as below:

extension: 10

In the extensions.conf as below:

exten=>10, 1, Dial(SIP/gsm0/98xxxx, 15, A(data)

I am using dinstar sim bank. So when a call file is pass to spol, call comes to 98xxx and while the call is answered, another call comes. Two dial are executing to the same destonation number 98xxx.

Can you please tell me know the correct way of using local or any referral video in your channel on this is there, please let me know and help.

There is only one ā€œeā€ in Archive!


I have changed that and its not working but not of much use in my application.

I am directing the call to phpagi and I am not getting anything work like dialstatus, callerID all in outbound.
Even the dialstatus is not working when I try to read from dialplan and weitw out to anothwr file.

Please throw me some light.


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