Assigning Agents to Queues


I would like agents to be able to connect and disconnect without keeping the call online.
I did some research and I’m falling on this example link:
But when I try to call I have an error: the context no longer exists.
thank you.

We’d need to know what that was (and the configuration you tried to use).

//extensions.conf i resolve the error by modifing the code but when try to login the current error is //error on password
; exten => 6092 {
exten => 6092,1,Answer();
same => n, Set(CHANNEL(language)=fr)
same =>n,Read(AGENT_NUMBER,agent-user);
same =>n,VMAuthenticate({AGENT_NUMBER}@default,s); same =>n,Set(queue-announce-success=1); same=>n,goto queues-manip,I{AGENT_NUMBER},1;
; }

my object is just to login/logout without maintain the call log.
And sorry for my english …

Please use </> to mark up dialplans. (Admins, almost everyone fails on this point meaning the forum software is not really usable by the target audience.)

Your password error has nothing to do with agents. VMAuthenticate, although it can be used to authenticate agents, is not part of the agent system. We’d need to know what is in your voicemail configuration.

Yep sorry!

1000 => 1000,1234,dessteyu


;;;;;;  member => SIP/agent1
        strategy = leastrecent
        timeout = 15

monitor-type = MixMonitor
autofill = yes
maxlen = 2
monitor-format = wav49
announce-position = yes

Now i understand your question. VMAuthenticate is not for authenfication agents but that we use AgentLogin. Thank you.

Is there a way to authenticate and then hang up while staying connected?

What do you mean by “staying connected”.

VMAuthenticate can be used for any authentication, but it is not integrated with anything but voice mail, so you must use it based on configuring the voice mail configuration files.

What do you mean by “staying connected”.
For example::

exten => 1000,1,AgentLogin(${EXTEN}) //that work right
same => n, Hangup

but when agent hang up the he is automatically disconnected. And do not need that.

Can you give i basic sample?

See the other section in voicemail.conf.sample.

There is an option to use a DTMF digit as a request to hangup the agent channel, whilst leaving the agent phone logged in. Hanging up the agent phone will destroy the agent channel and the thread that runs on it, forcing the agent login to terminate.

Thank you very much I will continue to document on it.

Hi, I’m sorry but I’m struggling to find a solution. Maybe I did not understand.:pensive:

It seems that there has been a major rewrite of chan_agent, and enddtmf no longer exists. However, claims there is a way of obtaining the same result, using ${CHANNEL(dtmf_features)}

I am using version 11 of asterisk.

Asterisk 11 is beyond end of life.

endcall and endtmf should still work.

lot of thank! :slight_smile: