ARI Outbound IVR

Is it possible to do this?

Problem: Use ARI to create an outbound IVR.

  1. Originate outbound call
  2. Change Context (ivr menu)
    3 log DTMF Choices
  3. Hang up call

Yes. All the elements required to do it are available in ARI.

I can originate a call from AMI but I am lost as to how to fire an event to originate a call from ari. I followed the DTMF instructions. … pt(Node.js

Origination is done by doing a POST to the channels resource[1]. This creates an outgoing channel and upon answer it can be sent into a Stasis application or the dialplan.

[1] … -originate

Is there a link to an example of an originate call?

I’m not aware of an example, but it also depends on what language and library you are using.

I will be using node.js in javascript.