Originate and play media with ARI

Since yesterday, I have reached a stage where I can dial a cell phone number from a SoftPhone, and it lets me talk to the cellphone via my laptop.

Now I am trying to setup the “originate” part using nodejs so that I can program the setup to call me and play a sound to the given cell phone number.

From my limited understanding today,

I need to update my extension to have a “Stasis” application. This application is supposedly the one I will be using to have my dynamic “dialplan”. I need to create a channel using ARI, and then call dial on this channel.

Does this sound right? Or am I missing something altogether?

You could use ARI, but if that’s all you need to do you can also use a call file or the AMI originate which is simpler.

I’d also want to monitor if the user answered the call or not, or if the call could even connect. Not sure if AMI would give that.

The idea is to remind users of something, and if they didn’t hear the full message, I’d want to call them again in some time.

AMI provides events which can be used to track such things. It’s only granular enough to see whether they answered or not though - determining if a voicemail service answered, for example, is outside of its direct functionality.