[ARI] Detect On Hold


I’ve been trying for a few hours now to detect when a channel in stasis is put on hold, so I can start playing hold music. There however seems to be no such even at all. Can someone confirm that this is the case, or have I just been looking in all the wrong places?

The ability to do this was added in a later version of Asterisk 13. Specifically ChannelHold and ChannelUnhold events. What version are you using?

I’m on version 13. The events probably isn’t added to the library that I’m using (Asternet), so I’ll have a definitely have a look at that!

13, unlike previous versions, can have new features added to it in subsequent releases. 13.1.0 is by no means the same as 13.5.0 for example so when mentioning something about 13 it’s important to specify the full version.