ChannelHoldEvent not raising via ari 20

Hello Community,

I am trying to hold/unhold a call using the asterisk ari 20. Using POST /channels/{channelId}/hold.
We have subscribe to the ari events to update our db models with the current state.

The problem is that when using the ari to hold an event the ChannelHoldEvent is not raised. Eventhough we can get this event when we hold using our devices.

Is there some setting i am missing to raise ChannelHoldEvent from the ari?

Thank you for your time. I just started my project at this company and help is much appreciated thanks in advance.

There is no setting. The ChannelHold and ChannelUnhold events are for if a channel has initiated hold. It’s not if Asterisk has initiated hold. I don’t believe there’s an event for that.

Thank you for your awnser.

So how can I intercept the message that there has been a hold/unhold from the ari? I don’t want to infer it from the api call. there might be a problem. So I would like to know when the hold has been completed.

I did find that when i send music on hold i can trace one of the events to the hold and infer from there.

I can’t think of a way off the top of my head.

Okay in that case I will have to create a work around. Thank you i have been googling for a big moment now.

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