Ari bridge type not setting correctly on create

Edit: Turns out this had nothing to do with the bridge creation, and that the bridge object’s type is not a mirror of the type parameter sent to the endpoint

Creating a bridge with ARI’s POST /bridges or POST /bridges/{bridge_id} with parameter type: “mixing,dtmf_events,proxy_media”
creates and returns a bridge with only type “mixing”, resulting in dtmf events not being sent/received.

The only thing I’ve been able to change was getting back a bridge of type holding by sending “holding” instead of “mixing,dtmf_events,proxy_media”, but “mixing”, “mixing,dtmf_events”, “mixing,dtmf_events,proxy_media”, “mixing, dtmf_events” and “mixing, dtmf_events, proxy_media” all result in a “mixing” only bridge type.

Are there other configurations that could be interfering with the bridge type at creation that I am unaware of?

Or is the type field returned not representative of the “real” list of types of the bridge and my dtmf problem lies elsewhere? If so does anyone have pointers on where to look for said problem.

I am on asterisk version 18.3.0.

Your DTMF problem is elsewhere. The type specifies not just a type but also properties and features of the bridge itself. The underlying bridge type is mixing.

Alright thank you, I got confused as the parameter type and returned object’s property had the same name and almost same value.

My problem was the dtmf_mode of my endpoint. Was set to inband, changing it to auto the dtmf events are now being detected.

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