ARI 3.2 defining allowed events

We upgraded to Asterisk 17.3 from 16.9, and from ARI 3.1 to ARI 3.2
If I’m using ARI 3.1, I get the messages I expect just fine, but in 3.2 I don;t seem to get ant messages. I have pasted an excerpt from the change log below and it says that I need to allow any messages I want to receive; and, while it doesn’t specifically say so, it seems to indicate that none are allowed by default, in as much as I haven’t added anything to any allowed list.
What’s missing from all of this, is how to define the allowed list.
Am I right in assuming that I will get no events until I create an allowed list? How do I create and allowed list?

— Functionality changes from Asterisk 16.2.0 to Asterisk 16.3.0 ----------


  • Application event filtering is now supported. An application can now specify
    an “allowed” and/or “disallowed” list(s) of event types. Only those types
    indicated in the “allowed” list are sent to the application. Conversely, any
    types defined in the “disallowed” list are not sent to the application. Note
    that if a type is specified in both lists “disallowed” takes precedence.

If filtering is not done then you receive all events. The default is to allow all. This behavior is the same between 17.3 and 16.9. In fact, that change itself was put into Asterisk 16.3 so you’ve already had it.

As for your problem at hand - have you confirmed using “ari set debug on” if any events are flowing? What library are you using? Could it be stopping the events?

You’re right, I set ari debug on and I see the stasis start event. But they’re not coming through to my application when I set the version to 3.2.
I’m using ARI4Java, obviously the problem is there.
Thanks for the help

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