ARI - subscribe to event source - what is the purpose?

Hi all,

Referencing the endpoints e.g. /applications/{applicationName}/subscription

As I understand, when connecting to the events websocket we receive ALL events from the application specified.

From what I can see, using the application/subscription serves to limit the emitted events, so that only events for the target channels, bridges are emitted.

The reason I am looking into it as I am currently doing filtering in the software business logic so looking to see if there is a better way.

Question 1: Is that an accurate summary
Question 2: I can’t see the purpose/benefit of this?

Thanks in advance

Looks this adds additional sources of events (specified channel, bridge, endpoint, device) to that application. Just a guess.

Answering my own question here:

TLDR: You may develop applications with a specific purpose that only need a limited set of events.

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