ARA - Malformed SIP URI

I’m using Asterisk 11 RealTime.
I saw that in registrations table the character ^ is used as separator.
It happens that this ^ goes out in the SIP URI and in To header to.
It happens randomly but the SIP message are discarded because it is malformed

U -> INVITE sip:***2996639@*.206.55.130:28726^ SIP/2.0. Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK14328c6a;rport. Max-Forwards: 70. From: "Test6" <sip:***9543569@>;tag=as52eee987. To: <sip:***996639@*.206.55.130:28726^>. Contact: <sip:***9543569@>. Call-ID: 0576904709d00bb33e653e85279d0650@

There is a way to fix that?
Could be a database issue? I’m using mysql.