Apply Configuration changes button doesn't work

I’ve installed TB with asterisk 1.6 and then I upgraded to Asterisk 1.8.3.
Everything works good except one thing.
When I make any changes at TB and press the red bar “Apply Configuration Changes” no changes are applied. And there are no error messages…
Even running /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf and then clicking the red bar to apply configure change don’t take effect. Only restarting amportal helps.
For example after I add the extension I must run
"CLI>amportal restart"
to see that extension at "CLI> sip show peers"
I just want to click the red bar to apply configure change and I think Trixbox can do,isn’t?

This matter should be put to the Trixbox or FreePBX forums as it is specific to their software.

Thank you.