Application stasis not register

I’m using ARI library .net, and the application is running on the same root as Asterisk. I mean in
I don’t know the reason but my stasis does not register, however before it works fine.
I make core restart now, and then it is registered. So I dont why this behavior,
Should I add some parameters in my configuration.
I noticed also that there is always this message event the application is created:
NOTICE[11185]: res_ari.c:781 process_cors_request: Origin header ‘ws://’ does not match an allowed origin. How to avoid it please, is there any relation of the no-registering

here is my configuration on http.conf and ari.conf
enabled = yes
pretty = no
allowed_origins = localhost:8088

type = user ; Specifies user configuration
read_only = no
password =[mypassword]



Thank you so much

If you use as an allowed origin instead of localhost does it work?

I use localhost instead of for the initialisation of the ARIclient and it works
thank you

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