Hi Experts,

I am completely new to the asterisk as well as to ARI. I am trying to communicate with asterisk server through python application “”(demo app already mentioned in asterisk wiki) via ari-py.

i have created two sip extensions 1000,1001 and written dialplan like as below

exten => 1000,1,Dial(SIP/1000,10)
same => n,Stasis(channel-dump)
same => n,Hangup()

First i started asterisk server and then tried to run Later tried to call to 1000 extension from softphone. At this instance asterisk server prompting" res_ari.c:769 process_cors_request : Origin header ‘http://localhost:8088’ does not match an allowed origin."



enabled = yes
pretty = yes
allowed_origins = localhost:8088,

type = user
read_only = no
password = asterisk

Could you please help to come out of this issue. Thanks in advance

What happens if you add “http://”?

Note that you don’t create SIP extensions, you create SIP peers. Only extensions.conf can create extensions in Asterisk.

As well the file is ari.conf, not http.conf. To simplify things you may want to just use “*” which will allow all for testing.

Hi David,

Thank you for your quick response.

I tried by adding http://localhost:8088 under ari.conf but the result is same. Even i tried with ‘allowed_origins = *’.

Yes in extensions.conf only i have written dialplan and in sip.conf i have created SIP peers.

Did you restart Asterisk? Can you show the new configuration and console output when using “*”?

Hi @jcolp,

Facing the same issue.

Console logs:

Connected to Asterisk 13.21.0 currently running on gopi-VirtualBox (pid = 1218)
[Jun 4 12:37:25] NOTICE[18807]: res_ari.c:769 process_cors_request: Origin header ‘http://localhost:8088’ does not match an allowed origin.
Creating Stasis app ‘channel-state’
== WebSocket connection from ‘’ for protocol ‘’ accepted using version ‘13’
Activating Stasis app ‘channel-state’

2 enabled = yes
3 pretty = yes
4 allowed_origins = *
6 [asterisk]
7 type = user
8 read_only = no
9 password = asterisk


1 [general]
  2 enabled = yes
  3 bindaddr =
  4 bindport = 8088


1 [from-internal]
  3 exten => 1000,1,NoOp()
  4   same =>      n,Answer()
  5   same =>      n,Stasis(channel-state)
  6   same =>      n,Hangup()