App_swift not compiling missing INCLUED files

Has anyone got the app_swift to work on Asterisk 13?
If so, what steps did you follow exactly.

The “make” command tells me the “include Asterisk files were not found”.
How, where does one get asterisk include files?
I can’t seem to find them on the PBX.

TIA, Ira

Are you trying to compile it in isolatiion? Asterisk modules normally have to be compiled as part of the complete build of Asterisk.

Thanks for the quick response.
This is an add on module to get Asterisk to interface with Ceptral text-2-speech Swift speech engine.
The voices were installed successfully. However, when attempting to install the app_swift module, I’m getting the error “include Asterisk files not found”.
I can’t seem to find any directories on our box …/include/asterisk/
And without these xxxx.h files it wont work. ie. channel.h and pbx.h
I don’t know if these files could have been installed when the FreePBX iso was loaded or is there a repository where these files reside.

We don’t support FreePBX here. Those files are part of the source tree for Asterisk. You wil have them if you build Asterisk from source. I believe FreePBX is supplied with a pre-compiled binary, and not even the build configuration file, which you will need if you want to rebuild Asterisk in a FreePBX type configuration. I think you may need them to compile most add in modules, as I think some debugging options involve inline code.

As already noted, you wouldn’t normally run make explicitly on a module, althout it is possible that you do have to for third party code.

I understand about the FreePBX support. I do believe this deals with any Asterisk box.
And yes, the instructions do call for the following commands:
make install
make reload
Which will install the “app_swift.c” modual.

But, again, I’m looking for where the asterisk’s include files can be found.
I think once these are installed, the “make” command will work.

They’re in the source code used by FreePBX when they compiled Asterisk. The exact version will be on the machine they used to do the build.

If you installed FreePBX manually, it looks like you would have needed to install Asterisk separately, so I assume you installed a complete system. In that case, I can’t find that they publish any information on how to determine the exact configuration of Asterisk used, so you really need to ask on their forums:

Thanks for the help. I’ll check that out…

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