I think app-conference is used where there isn’t zaptel hardware,in the other word when we use zaptel hardware we shouldn’t use app-conference for conference call sevice and we should use meetme application and load ztdummy.Is it true?
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In a word No.

app_conference can be used in both cases. You are correct that app_conference doesnt require timing, if you have zaptel hardware you dont need ztdummy, you use ztdummy for a psuedo timing source.

app_conference is much lighter on resources and doesnt suffer from the delays that can plauge meetme.


Do I’m correct?If I use app-conference I don’t need else interface and it doesn’t need configure directly config files(i.e. extensins.conf and meetme.conf) like GUI.
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Im sorry your translation has lost me.

app_conference does require entries in extensions.conf.

for example [quote]Conference(1234|MVqi|1)