Any recommended Wi-FI VOIP Phones

Any recommendation ? We’ve tested Zyxel Wifi Phone but it has the following issue talk time duration and does not support call transfer.

The Utstarcom f1000g has about 4 hours of talk time and a few days of standby.

I can tell you to stay away from the Linksys 300. The battery time is very short. We’re about to try the Hitachi - if you want a report on these when we get them, let me know.

We have found the Hitachi to be pretty good. The only pain was the initial config.

Range is fair and battery life is also pretty good.

All in all I would give it about a 6 out of 10.

Tested SMC Wifi Phone. Battery life acceptable but the phone stability is out. Phone tend to hang and having difficulty login to asterisk server. Update latest firmware but no help

SMC Wifi Phone model : SMCWSP-100