Any experience with the UT Starcom F3000?

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the UT Starcom F3000 “clamshell” WiFi phone.

I’m going to need something like that as a “roving” handset and it seems like that one would be one of the more convenient (I always preferred the clamshell type of cell phone to the candy-bar type).

The UTStarcom F3000 is a nicer looking version of the F1000 - adding a clamshell design and color display, plus a few other things. From reports in dfferent places, the F3000 works pretty well in * environments, so I would expect the same for the F3000.

I would say that all this depends on what you mean by “Roving” - these phones work fine when in WiFi coverage areas, but they are not cell phones so don’t expect from WiFi and * what you get from Cingular or VZ (of course, you don’t get the cellular bill either).