Antivirus protection

I was wondering how do you guys handle virus threats on your Asterisk box. I would assume one would not want to run any additional prosses on the PC at all. Since my Asterisk box is behind a firewall I am more worried about a virus that propagates from Windows PC’s inside the network to Linux, anybody aware of such a virus or possibility of that?


Hi, I’m also looking for an antivirus/antispam for asterisk. We’re planning to install asterisk in our company but I can’t find any AV for this. I was wondering if you have found any.


I run Asterisk on Linux so it is not a concern.

Wow! have a google for slapper or lion virus, You may change your view.


Send it along - I’ve never had a problem

Wow! have a google for slapper or lion virus, You may change your view.


You know I always agree with you ian, but here I am going to have to disagree.

I think any kind of AV is overhead, and you need to lock down your system to never get it, problem solved.

I would be much more worried of something getting root on my system that something that is jailed to an apache2 user.

If you just run Asterisk (as the asterisk user) and linux, you should have no problems.

Even if someone does exploit Asterisk somehow, they are jailed (if you set it up correctly) to one directory, and can only READ configurations.


I agree and on my customers asterisk servers I don’t run any type of AV as it is a overhead. my comment was more at the view that seems to be prevalent that “I run Linux and that doesn’t have viruses” and this is a miss held view. And as Linux becomes more popular more viruses will be written for it.
Having a well locked down server with ssh on a random port Apache not visible except on interfaces that needed and using ssh tunnels if possible will make a secure server.

A well configured Asterisk server does not need an AV package but does need a well set up firewall.


Understood, and good point ian :smile: