Answer Detection using Flash Application

Here’s what I’m attempting to do and I have not found a solution yet (there may not be one) but I’m hoping somebody can work some magic for me:

I have a PBX extension connected to an FXO port on our Asterisk machine. When I receive a call on an FXO port, I’m attempting to Flash the line, send a DTMF tone and detect whether someone answers the call so that I can either Hangup (Transfer call) or return to the context. I have attempted using BackgroundDetect and WaitForNoise/WaitForAnswer but after it sends the DTMF tones, it will detect the ringing as Noise/Audio so none of those work. Is there anyway to detect whether someone answers the line so that I can either drop them back into my context or hangup if they do?


Just wanted to bump this since it has been a little while. Thanks again everyone!

Wanted to bump this again, still looking for a solution to this issue.

Have you tried with AMD?

Yes. Unfortunately, using AMD, it appears to do the same thing as far as detecting the ringing as sound, so there’s no way really to set the detection method to detect when someone answers the phone. I competitors product (Intel Dialogix) is capable of doing this through something called “Perfect Call Analysis”. I, of course, don’t want to use their system. Just throwing that out there if any one has experience with that product and knows how to replicate it in Asterisk.