Anouncement in DIAL before connection call (Help!)

Hi everyone,

Please help me with my problem.

When making a dial to another user i need to playback something like “Incoming Call id from John Smith” to person to whom call was made and after that playback, connect to persons for a talk…

Here is logics.

  • Person A Calls ro Person B
  • Person B answers call
    * Asterisk plays sound file to Person B <- Thi is a problem :frowning:
  • Asterisk connects Person A to Person B

Thanks in advance

us this Dial falg in ur Dial cmd —A(x)
which play file like wleocm after call answered
exten => s, 1, Dial(SIP/300,20,trA(call from john))
this play file after call answer
check this it may help you.