Another Question About ATA's

Is there anyone who can tell me how to provision an obi ATA or an obi IP phone to be able to use for asterisk?

These instructions work very well.

Thank you very much for that reply, I will try it.

They seem to be for use on the exchange side, whereas the OP is asking about the connecting phones, so they are interested in the station side. Also they haven’t been updated for chan_sip.

I’d have to ask what the problem is, as the obvious settings usually work, and Polycom isn’t an obscure make. The OP needs to say what they tried, and how it failed.

I must say that i am trying this in my very last attempt at trying to get my callcentric to work both with asterisk and the ATA that i use. as I was using grandstream ht802, atleast i had FXS1 port working and now i can no longer get the grandstream to register at all. getting multiple sips to register on asterisk has been the easy part but not the ata’s, this is the very last attempt at it before throwing in the towel and walking away from it all.

I am not a customer of Callcentric.

However, if you utilize the Obitalk dashboard, assuming you have registered your Obi equipment with Obi, they provide connection templates for common SIP carriers, including Callcentric. I have used the Obi dashboard to connect to other SIP carriers (Obi supports all the most common SIP providers) and the provisioning is seamless, easy, and quick. Also, using the dashboard allows you to monitor the health of all SIP providers in real time connected to Asterisk through your Obi ATA. Very useful.

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