Annouce, or something like it

We have lots of remote users that use our pbx. Currently, a long process is used to get 1-800#s to individual agents is used. Call comes in, gets routed though a voice menu, out to a queue, in the queue is an agent with call forwarding setup to the agents real home phone number. The tricky thing is, we have annouce= in the queue so that the agents know that the call they are answering is for business. I would like to find a way to do this with less setup steps. Prefferably in the dialplan or something. I just need a 1-800# to ring to a normal DID, and the person who answers hears a sound clip before the customer is actually connected.

I dabbled in agi scripts, but couldn’t get that to work. I’m kind of at a dead end. Any help would be awesome.


Guess I haven’t understood the requirement, what means ‘long process’, ‘less setup steps’ and such. But what’s wrong with

CLI> show application dial ... A(x) - Play an announcement to the called party, using 'x' as the file.