Android softphone App - for video calls

Hello out there !
does somebody know a softphone app for android which works with asterisk AND supports video calls?
I have a simple Asterisk 17.3… system running with pjsip.conf.
I’m able to make a video call between two Ekiga softphones installed on desktops in my lan but with smartphones (via Wi-Fi in same lan) only audio calls work, no video available.

I already tried Mizudroid, Sipproid and CsipSimple. Codecs are enabled (h261, h264, vp8, vp9).

As far as I know, asterisk doesn’t manipulate or transcript the video stream, it just bridges the data (packets) between the clients.

Or, do I have to change something in the configuration ?

Thanks for any advice, Susi

For those who have the same issue:
I finally succeded with jami to establish a 2 way video call.
Have a nice day

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