Android App as Endpoint

I am not sure whether it is a correct forum to ask this question or not.
But one confusion I want to clear from Asterisk Gurus…
I have a App running on Android. I want to connect this app to my Asterisk server.

My softphone installed in Win7 is working as expected.

  1. However If I want to connect the server from Android, Do I need to make the configure at Android or at Asterisk?
  2. For Any call conferencing from android App, do I need to configure conference Bridge at Asterisk side or at Android Side?

You need to configure the Android application with the credentials and server address, so it knows where to register and place calls to. You may need to configure Asterisk with another set of credentials for it. As for conferencing that depends on what exactly the Android app does. If it can conference locally then no. If it can’t then you’d need to do something with conferencing in Asterisk.