Analog lines, dialing and DIALSTATUS

My config:
6 analog POTS lines
TDM2400P (8 FXO ports, Echo cancellation module)
Asterisk 1.2.5
Zaptel 1.2.5

Is the DIALSTATUS variable completely useless on analog lines? I’ve got 6 analog lines (POTS) connected to my TDM2402P. No matter what happens in the call, the DIALSTATUS is always ANSWERED. Even if the number was busy or the other side never answered the phone.

I spoke with Digium support and the rep told me that Asterisk can’t detect the DIALSTATUS on analog lines because it only knows the call was ANSWERED because the Zap channel picked up. Does this sound right?

As a side effect of Asterisk seeing any call as ANSWERED, the Dial() application is not enforcing the timeout. Anyone else with analog lines actually getting the dial timeout to work properly?