Analog Fax Machine before asterisk

Hi, i am currently working on building a new asterisk system and I need to have working Bi-directional faxing, so here is my question,

if i have a fax machine set up on a tee before the analog line goes into my grandstream GXW4104 is there a way to get incoming faxing working, all i need it to do is have my fax machine pick up the call instead of asterisk?

Thanks in advance for any replies and i am super new at asterisk so laymens terms would be nice.

The only way this could work is if the fax machine has the capability to have a phone plugeed into it and it does fax detection. What would happen is the fax machine would detect if it was a fax or not and if nt fax send the call “down the line” to a phone. If that is the case test this with your fax machine a a standard analog phone, if it works Asterisk will work, if not Asterisk wont.

By putting in a “T” its a matter of who picks up the call first wich will depend on how you set the fax machine and how fast it can pick up a call. Most likely you will not get the results your looking for.

The other option is to use FaxDetect in Asterisk. You would plug your phone line into an FXO port in Asterisk and Asterisk will send faxes back out an FXS port that the fax machine is attached to if its a fax. Look in the wiki for more info on faxing with Asterisk.

I think a 1 to 2 RJ11 telephone port exchange will be more easy for you. When call in, your asterisk and fax ringing at same time. You could set asterisk pickup phone at 1 minutes late.