An all-circuits-busy message when callcenter is on

I will use an issabelPBX 4 with asterisk 16.
I Have created local sip agents and queue.
In a callcenter addon i created a campaign_out, the dialler call to clients through outgoing SIP trunks which have one channel each. The dialler do the calls then insert them to a queue.
Almost all are working fine, but i can`t call from local SIP when all-circuits-busy message.
Please help me with this because I am a noob in asterisk!

You need to get support from the Issabell people, as this question is not about Asterisk but about their dialplans for Asterisk, and possibly their GUI, about which people here will generally know nothing.

The all circuits busy message will be generated by Issabel code, and is likely to cover many different causes. One would need verbose (level 3+) logs and probably also the chan_pjsip (or chan_sip) protocol logging.

Also you need to upgrade your Asterisk, as Asterisk 16 no longer receives bug fixes and will go end of life in October.

Thanks for the answer.
On Monday I will install the 18th version.
Can you advise assembly with an autodialer.? I will be very grateful!

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