AMI Events documentation

I’m looking for full events AMI description. I’ve read many forums, articles and even documentation, but there is nothing about events I recieve from Asterisk by AMI. There is no description about events:
[ul][li]Newchannel [/li][li]NewCallerid [/li][li]Dial [/li][li]Newstate[/li][li]NewAccountCode [/li][li]Transfer [/li][li]Masquerade [/li][li]Rename [/li][li]Unlink[/li][/ul]
The most important for me are Transfer, Masquerade and Rename. I’ve tried to understand attended transfer logic, but I still can’t relate these events (and their params UniqueID, Channel and so on) with each other.

Please point me to the correct source link where I can find the translation of these messages on human language. Does it exists in this world?