Missing Transfer events from AMI


I have developed PHP integrated asterisk application . I getting all AMI events.
But when i try to transfer the call to another agent using ‘blind’ or ‘attended’ transfer, i didn’t get any events.
All events are like answer, new state event and dial event. There are no transfer events.

In my manger.conf i have given call, all function. is there other needed for transfer events ?

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CRIZ :smile:

You can check out the events here voip-info.org/wiki/view/aste … ger+events
I’m not sure how up to date this page is, as it states the list is for Asterisk CVS in late 2004. Anyways it might be useful to you. I think you should be looking for a “Link” event.



But how do i know that if its a blind or attended transfer when we use the feature.conf functionality.

Which events i have to use for this ?

Like ‘Park call event’ ,‘holded call event’, 'dial event’
Is it possible to get ‘transfer event’ ?

Also i have tried with Redirect (transfer) a call feature. but in my master.csv file i am getting that dial out number ‘NO ANSWER’ and talk time is zero.
And there is no redirected or transfer event. It just like a new call.


Modify the source code.

Where i have to edit the source code ?