Ami event for unknown sip connection

Hi, I am looking to log all security alerts from my setup. I get alot of warnings that say “Rejecting unknown SIP connection from X.X.X.X”. Does anyone know if there is an AMI event that will trap this? I have tried InvalidPassword, InvalidAccountID, InvalidTransport but none of these fire when that message pops up.

None of the above events will work, That warning is generated by FreePBX on the context from-sip-external

[code]exten => s,n,Log(WARNING,“Rejecting unknown SIP connection from ${CHANNEL(recvip)}”)

[/code]when you have set the options allow anonymou calls to NO and allowguest to Yes. There is not especial event associated to this warning.

You will need to catch all events that occur when you got this type of calls and do some kind of filter