Rejected sip connection to unknown IP addresses

I am having an issue with some of my phones not ringing when all other are. The phones stay registered and the ext. will record a voicemail. After troubleshooting all connection points I began reading my system logs and found several warnings “Rejected unknown SIP connection”. Has anyone had issues with individual phones not ringing when they should and have you seen these warnings in your logs? If so, how did you resolve the issue?

That doesn’t sound like a message that Asterisk would produce. Could you please provide the log in question.

Here is the warning message from my asterisk log files

[2016-11-11 15:22:50] VERBOSE[6744][C-00012011] pbx.c: – Executing [s@from-sip-external:6] Log(“SIP/My system IP address was here-00006b68”, “WARNING,“Rejecting unknown SIP connection from unknown IP address was here””) in new stack

You need to ask the person who wrote the dialplan what this means. This is not part of Asterisk as distributed.

If you are using a GUI, you should use the support channel for the GUI, e.g. for peer support for FreePBX.

However, I believe it means that there is no sip.conf entry that matches the calling device.

Thank you David for that help!

If this is a dhcp device, then the sip.conf (or sippeers) should have host=dynamic. If it’s hardcoded, then the device’s IP doesn’t match what the server is expecting.

Its a cloud server with a static. All phones have a static. I had someone setup the system for me but I have had to take over administering it due to the person no longer being available. System worked great for a year but in the last 2 weeks began having this issue where a couple phones don’t’ ring even though they are registered.

Set the phone to unregister on reboot. Reboot the phone and watch the CLI. If it doesn’t reregister, there’s something wrong with the IP, user account, or password.