AMI command blacklisted

When I use the AMI from python (asterisk.manager) for executing
response = self.ami_client.command(“module unload”)

I get:
Response: Error
ActionID: asteriskpi-00000001
Message: Command blacklisted

What I want to achieve is a unload of the so I can take phone calls again on my mobile.

Problem I’m having is that when I use chan_mobile I cannot take calls on my mobile directly any more so I need to be able to switch the chan_mobile on and off.

Astersik 16.2.1 on Raspberry Pi

Any suggestions are welcome

It means you attempted to run one of the commands listed in

I can’t see an explanation in the comments, but I suspect they have the potential to undermine AMI itself.

It may be related to the existence of a specific action for doing load and unload of modules:

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