Amd system Optimization

Hi at all, i’m Pasquale, an italian software developer.
First of all sorry for my bad english.

I’ve got a question:
Is it possible execute music during AMD ( Automatic Machine Detection ) process?

I ask this because i have the following scenario:

when I make a call and the called party answers the system begins to analyze the audio stream to recognize an automatic response systems. This analysis takes about 2/3 seconds to complete. During this time the callee hears no sound and often closes the call. To avoid this I was planning to run some sound during the analysis so as to maintain the callee. you can accomplish something similar?

this is my dial plan:
exten => 8369,1,Playback(sip-silence)
exten => 8369,2,AGI(agi://
exten => 8369,3,AMD(2000|2000|1000|5000|120|50|4|256)
exten => 8369,4,AGI(xxx.agi,${EXTEN})
exten => 8369,5,AGI(yyy.agi,NORMAL-----LB)
exten => 8369,6,AGI(zzz,NORMAL-----LB)
exten => 8369,7,Hangup

Thanks in advance.

The AMD application itself doesn’t support that. There’s not a straightforward way to do what you’re after.