Allowing users to edit Follow Me functionality

Hi all,

I have a question about follow me functions. Assuming that business rules permit individuals to change their follow me number/s, what is the common way of changing this?

The reason that I ask is that seems a bit overboard to actually update the dial plan directly. I say this because many end users would be intimidated by asterisk’s very nice scripting language and it seems a bad thing to make editing .conf files directly a common thing. I know there is AMP/FreePBX, but assume that we were writing our own abstraction of asterisk configuration.

My first guess would be to create an AGI application that allowed the user to enter their extension and then walked them through entering one or more follow me extensions. I have some specific questions about AGI, etc but I will post these in a separate post.

Am I on track here or is there another strategy that escapes my newbie skills?

Looks like I will be writing an AGI app with freePascal to do this.