Alert Notification to Check Asterisk is working or not via S

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I want to start email notification or SMS alert that will check my asterisk or SIP-Trunk is working fine.
Can you suggest me via SMS or Miss-call Alert functionality working in asterisk.

Depends, what exactly You want to achieve: To check, wheter Your Asterisk-Box is reachable You can use an external service which will be able to alert You by SMS or eMail or whatever You want.
But if You’d like to get alerts about internal callflow-events (like missed calls) You probably need to implement this within Your Asterisk (in dialplanlogic or by AMI/AGI/ARI whatever You prefer) and set up a Gateway to an SMS-Service (if SMS-alert is needed)).
All these goals can be met but there’s AFAIK no “solution out-of-the-box”.

Can you give me the solution details:
What are the necessary code and script or Dial-plan.Please explain if you can

What exactly do you mean with " To check if Asterisk is working fine", If a trunk is unreachable, If the Asterisk service is running .

I made a simple script to check the status of a trunk. I posted on this thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=92669