AJAM responses limited/paginated?

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I am trying to read the current status of all the peers through AJAM using the action SIPpeerstatus. (ie: /rawman?action=SIPpeerstatus) There are 67 peers I am looking for and the AJAM response truncates before it shares all the peers.

When I connect with telnet directly to AMI, I get the complete list when I type “Action: SIPpeerstatus” so I am pretty sure the limitation is on the AJAM’s side.

Is there a way to paginate or ask for the next set of peers? Or perhaps a setting to grow AJAM’s max response size?


  • Matt

Oh I forgot to mention what I am running. WAZO 18.03, Asterisk 15.2.2.

I found this French forum that mentioned it was fixed in Asterisk 15.6.1 so I will upgrade and report back.


  • Matt
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