AJAM-Asterisk Support

I have an issue at the time of use of AJAM in Asterisk. My issue is when i try to heat the extension(see url below) it responds like:
Response: Success
Message: Originate successfully queued
But it is unable to heat my extension written in extensions.conf . more details are as following:
After successful login when i try to hit this url: … Async=true

response on console : Hungup ‘DAHDI/1-1’


exten => 205,1,Answer()
;exten => 205,n,Record(asterisk-record.gsm,0,39)
exten =>205,n,Playback(demo-echotest)
exten => 205,n,Wait(2)
exten => 205,n,Hangup()

In Channel = dahdi/g1 : g1 is group 1.

I wanted to know that if i hit the above url extension should be dial like if i dial through console using CLI command:
CLI command like : console dial 205@dial

Plz help.