AGI Weirdness

We have been working with an asterisk deployment and AGI for nearly 1 year and it has been working quite well.

Our current deployment is running Asterisk version 1.2.11.

We are working on deploying a new server, lets call it server2.
We originally deployed asterisk 1.4.5 on server2, but we started to experience problems with our AGI application.

The AGI application seemed to work well for about 12 hours, then it would simply stop executing. The asterisk server would answer the call. We would see the AGI being called through the AGI command, but then the call would simply be hungup. The only way to remedy this situation seems to be to shutdown asterisk with a stop gracefully commad and then start the system up again.

We uninstalled the 1.4.5 version and went back to a 1.2.11 version.
We experienced the exact same problems once again.

At the current time we are trying to track down this error, but have not been successful. Our AGI application has been working for nearly 9 months flawlessly on our other system & asterisk deployment.

Both servers are linux Centos 4.0.

Our team has been working with asterisk since early 1.1 versions and we are familiar with applying patches and fixes for asterisk, but we have not been able to find any information in the forums that indicate that other have encountered this issue.

We will be posting more information as we continue to investigate and look for a solution.

If anyone has any insight or feedback, this would be appreciated.