AGI Scripting Help

Hello Everyone, I could use some help. I have a script that obtains the sip phone and the extension that you want to register to that SIP account. Now Here is where I am running into trouble. I need to somehow pass that information along to the other box that I have through and iax channel where the script from the second server will take those two variables and assign them to the database.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have achieved something similar using a little creativity. You already have a DB so that solves problem 1… here is how I did it:

  • Handle initial transaction on server A. Server A will insert a temporary record into a shared database with any information which will be required by server B. A unique value is assigned to the temporary dataset.

  • An IAX call is established between Server A and Server B. The “callerID” value of the IAX call is set to the database unique ID from step one.

  • An AGI script on ServerB will do a query from the DB based on the “callerID” of the IAX channel to pull the information from the database server… now you have access to any data from serverA on serverB simply by passing a unique ID value in the callerID field.

g2010 Thanks for the insight. Here is what I finally did. I made all the phones on Server B use 1000 and All the phones on server A use 200. Now I just placed all the phones in the db in A and used a perl script to parse the call information on Server B and pass it to a number on A then had A kill the first three number which would then give me the phone I was calling from and then that called another perl script from A that registered the phone and exten. works great.