Agents WRAP state does not change


We are using asterisk 1.4.42 for an inbound call centre. Some times an issue occurs that an agent gets call and after completing the call it goes on wrap state (which we set 5 second) and then he do not return to ready state we have to unpause the agent to get back on ready state.

What would be the cause and how can we remove this issue.


The agent is not paused during wrapup time. I suspect your CTI application is doing the pausing, or you have the queue configured to pause agents that don’t respond.

In any case if you expect people to debug problems and provide solutions, you need to provide the relevant configuration files and tracing output at, at least, a high verbosity level.

If you think the problem is well known, you should check the issue tracker, although, as yhou are using a version that is almost certainly from the security fixes only stage (it is now past end of life), it is likely that there were no known major, fixable, bugs.