Agents calls are recorded in two files instead f one


I have enabled agents calls recording from within agents.conf

Calls are effectively recorded by go in two files (one for each direction of the conversation) and the two files are not mixed in one single file at the end of the conversation.

I want to have the two legs mixed into one single file containing all the conversation at the end of the recording. How to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Is sox installed on your system ?



Yes I do have sox installed on the system.


I am not sure how the agent call recordings differ, but if they use the Monitor command you need to specify the ‘m’ option to tell * you want the audio files mixed into one after the call ends…


Thanks for the reply. I know the m option f Monitor application.

But when you activate agent’s calls recording from within agents.conf, all you do is uncomment the line recordaentcalls = yes

There is no explicit call to Monitor application so I do not know what to tweak.