Asterisk 12 AgentRequest get busy please someone can tell me how to solve that

I’d suggest upgrading to Asterisk 13 as bug fixes have likely happened since then, and then to provide more information on your setup and console output.

can suggest me a way how to setup agent Login call back and can have access to do outbound call in case call center please Jcolp here is my file

exten = _XXX,1,NoOp()
same = n,Set(CHANNEL(dtmf-features)=H)
same = n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(all)=“Awaiting call” <${EXTEN}>)
same = n,Answer()
same = n,AgentLogin(${EXTEN})
same = n,Hangup()

exten = _XXX,1,NoOp()
same = n,AgentRequest(${EXTEN})
same = n,Congestion()

I have not used it and can’t comment on it in that detail.

can you refer me a scripts that allow me to setup agents queues as a call center that agents can login out in any extensions in the call center area please
thanks in adavances