Advise for Sip Server


i need advise on sip server. i.e. which one to use. Scenario is, Telco will send all traffic on a singly point through switch(CISCO etc). We will have to place a software sip server which will receive call and will then forward call to any of the 10 IVR application servers.

Now what we need is that Sip server should do load balancing and send equally distributed calls to all server. Currently this setup is E1s based and we have total of 40 E1s.We are using asterisk 1.6.

I need suggestions whether Kamalio or OpenSip can do this? if yes then which one is better? is there any other better SIp server then these two.

Looking for some good suggestion.



Both Kamailio and Opensips can do the work.

Dont think there is something else that is free and as good.

I prefere Kamailio, but you could also use Opensips.