Adding new application in asterisk


I have an Asterisk Server version Asterisk 1.8.12. , Now I want to add one new application confbridge . i went to source . did make menuselct

i found app_confbridge is already selected .

then i did make && make install

still i m not getting configuraiton file confbridge.conf in my /etc/asterisk/ folder


Did you do make samples after make && make install?
make samples will copy the sample files from the configs subdirectory into /etc/asterisk.

–Satish Barot


Note that “make samples” WILL overwrite any existing configuration files. If you want to see the sample configurations they are in the “configs” directory.


Confbridge in 1.8 isn’t the modern Confbridge we know and love.

These ( things didn’t come until Asterisk 10.


i didnt do make samples

malcolmd, thanks for the info . now it makes sense . as my ISDN board is not supporting moderm asterisk … i;ve to use 1.8 … my bad :frowning:


Run two copies of asterisk.

One copy running 1.8 to handle the hardware and have it use IAX or SIP to talk to a instance of modern Asterisk 13 to handle your needs.