Adding new application in asterisk

I have an Asterisk Server version Asterisk 1.8.12. , Now I want to add one new application confbridge . i went to source . did make menuselct

i found app_confbridge is already selected .

then i did make && make install

still i m not getting configuraiton file confbridge.conf in my /etc/asterisk/ folder

Did you do make samples after make && make install?
make samples will copy the sample files from the configs subdirectory into /etc/asterisk.

–Satish Barot

Note that “make samples” WILL overwrite any existing configuration files. If you want to see the sample configurations they are in the “configs” directory.

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Confbridge in 1.8 isn’t the modern Confbridge we know and love.

These ( things didn’t come until Asterisk 10.

i didnt do make samples

malcolmd, thanks for the info . now it makes sense . as my ISDN board is not supporting moderm asterisk … i;ve to use 1.8 … my bad :frowning:

Run two copies of asterisk.

One copy running 1.8 to handle the hardware and have it use IAX or SIP to talk to a instance of modern Asterisk 13 to handle your needs.