Adding leading zero (Belgium)


I’m quiet new to asterisk and I have a simple question : how can I add a leading zero to incoming calls ?

My asterisk box is behind a PRI (euroISDN) and all incoming calls are without the leading zero.
The operator VRSATL (in belgium) told me that it’s normal that there is no leading zero coming from him because it’s the euroisdn standard ?!

It’s not a problem to receive calls but it’s boring to don’t redial the missed call because of a zero… and my boss would like to see the complete number…

Thank you in advance for your help !

I use sth like that in my dialplan for the incoming calls:

exten => 1234,1,SetCIDNum(0${CALLERIDNUM})

Thank you very much for your precious help !
Now I can see the leading zero !

Hey everyone …

I have another problem.

I want the asterisk to append a leading ‘0’ if there is no leading zero in the Caller ID. Also, dont append a leading ‘0’ if there is already a ‘0’ in the Caller iD. What should i do or what command does this ?
Please advice.