Adding a new codec to Asterisk

I’m trying to add support for a new codec known as MELP.

As far as I know, I would need to create a new module, based on MELP’s source code and Asterisk’s Codec Translator API specification. I suppose I would also need to do some configuration so as to make Asterisk aware of the new module.

Can someone tell me if I’m on the right way and give me some help (or point me to some usefull links) concerning the API and the latter configuration?

Thanks in advance

These two links should be able to provide some information for you: … Guidelines

Actually, I already new about the links. Thank you any way.

I’ve been browsing (yet again) the contents of both the wiki and the book (tfot), which I’ve only began to fully read.

I wanted to ask you another question: Do you know if it’s possible to call an external program (the codec) from the dialplan, redirect the audio stream to it and then send back the audio stream to asterisk?